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Although once considered “junk jewellery,” vintage Lisner pieces have just recently become more collectible. In the 1990s, collectors began to realise that the bright colours and clever shapes and bright colors of the company’s cheaply made plastic baubles possessed a certain unique beauty.



For almost 30 years after its 1904 beginnings, Lisner imported and sold Parisian jewellery by Elsa Schiaparelli in the United States. In the 1930s, the firm achieved a higher profile by finally making and selling its own creations that used Dupont’s new coloured  plastic called Lucite, as well as clear and colored rhinestones (in particular aurora borealis) and lava stones, as well as silver-plated, chromed, and black japanned metal.

At present  one of the most sought after vintage Lisner designs is the moulded plastic oak-leaf jewellery, that was only produced for a period of five years in the 1960s. Individual pieces like necklaces or brooches without matching earrings or bracelets are more affordable.

Napier Jewellery Company

Although the history of the Napier jewellery firm goes back to the late 19th-century, when the E. A. Bliss firm manufactured silverware in conjunction with silverplate and gilt jewellery, the name Napier was not linked with comstume jewellery until the 1920s.
napier necklace  napier 2 necklace  napier 3
Above:Examples of Napier necklaces, amd brooches
The firm made Egyptian revival earrings, necklaces, and other pieces throughout the 1920s (along with other styles), specialising  in metalwork highlighted with faux gemstones .
At the time famous names such as  Lana Turner were wearing Napier jewellery . After the second world war Napier was well known for its rose gold necklaces  and bracelets set off by clear and coloured crystals as well as its bold bracelets and charms.

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