Best Tools for Making Handmade Jewellery

Making  jewellery is a great hobby for many creative minds. Some people make jewellery for their own  use, while others make it to sell or give as presents. Whatever style you prefer  whether its vintage style, modern jewellery,  gemstone or costume jewellery, making jewellery allows the creator to make custom pieces for less cost than buying  ready-made jewellery. However, without a good understanding of the tools necessary to make jewellery, starting out  can be a challenge.

Blue quartz necklace


The creation of handmade jewellery  such as the above gemstone necklace requires quite a level of skill, as well as a various tools. Whether beginning  a new hobby or a starting a business, users should know which tools are required. From pliers and cutters to wire, and hammers, and thread, aspiring jewellery makers should have an  understanding of what is needed get started.

Pliers and Cutters

Whether you are stringing gemstones on a wire or threading beads to make a bracelet, every jewellery maker needs some standard tools. A well-stocked jewellery kit contains pliers, crimpers and cutters. These basic hand tools are available in a variety of styles and brands to suit every budget.


Pliers are needed for  stringing beads, bending wire, plus closing loops. Some knowledge of the different types of pliers and their particular   uses helps jewellery designers select the right tool for the job. The following  outlines a few types of pliers commonly used in jewellery making..