YSL and Dior Vintage Jewellery


If you enjoy shopping for unique presents and are fan of antique  and vintage jewellery then you are really spoilt for choice right now with a multitude of offline and online stores . One  store with a fabulous selection of antique and  vintage jewellery is Modern Vintage Style. Whether it is sparkling rhinestone vintage necklaces  earrings, bracelets or vintage brooches  there is a wide variety from which to choose. They have a good selection covering jewellery from the 1920’s  Art Deco era, through to more modernist vintage pieces, including some lovely Scandinavian silver items.

Below – Left to right. Vintage sterling silver opal pendant, sterling silver and citrine bird pendant, sterling silver and aquamarine peacock necklace

opal and silver pendant  Sterling silver bird pendant  IMG_8843JPG

Some of the famous  jewellery designers such as Christian Dior, Yves Christian Dior,and Christian Lacroix have produced some stunning costume jewellery over the years. Some of the most beautiful pieces can be found in the history of costume jewellery books such as  Millers Costume Jewellery book.

Below:Vintage brooches available at Modern Vintage Stye


Examples of beautiful designer vintage jewellery  and vintage style jewellery can provide great inspiration for your own projects.  This YSL cabochon necklace ( http://www.modernvintagestyle.co.uk/vintage-yves-saint-laurent-cabochon-necklace. ) is a great example, Christian Dior have also produced some fabulous jewellery incuding stunning necklaces such as these…http://www.modernvintagestyle.co.uk/vintage-antique-costume-jewellery/christian-dior-jewellery-uk

IMG_9011  IMG_7817JPG IMG_8885JPG


Above, L to R: Dior blue crystal pendat, silver and amethyst ring, and Norman Grant vintage silver and enamel earrings

Although most of the jewellery that was produced did not involve precious gemstones , the workmanship was excellent resulting in some really stunning necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. The market for designer vintage costume jewellery is good just now , with designer vintage pieces  from the 1950’s to 1980’s by big brand names being much sought after. Further examples of  beautiful vintage jewellery  including  stunning aquamarine jewellery can be found here.

Below: An example of crystal vintage style earrings Vintage Style and vintage bracelets available here. Below: Moonstone necklaces available here

er-bz-004  img_6915 img_6445

Photos courtesy of http://www.modernvintagestyle.co.uk/vintage-antique-costume-jewellery  and  http://www.modernvintagestyle.co.uk/collections/gemstone-jewellery


Napier Vintage Jewellery

Although the history of the Napier jewellery firm goes back to the late 19th-century, when the E. A. Bliss firm manufactured silverware in conjunction with silverplate and gilt jewellery, the name Napier was not linked with comstume jewellery until the 1920s.
napier necklace  napier 2 necklace  napier 3
Above:Examples of Napier necklaces, amd brooches
The firm made Egyptian revival earrings, necklaces, and other pieces throughout the 1920s (along with other styles), specialising  in metalwork highlighted with faux gemstones .
At the time famous names such as  Lana Turner were wearing Napier jewellery . After the second world war Napier was well known for its rose gold necklaces  and bracelets set off by clear and coloured crystals as well as its bold bracelets and charms.